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Pferd’s milling process optimisation

Dec 18, 2023Dec 18, 2023

If you are looking for tool solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of your milling applications, consider adding Pferd's high-performance milling tools to your daily operations. The range of tools includes spiral drills, step drills, countersinks, tungsten carbide burrs and hole saws.

Spiral drillsPferd has a range of industrial quality steel and Inox spiral drill bits, available in 1mm to 13mm. Both types include standard 0.5mm increments as well as selected 0.1mm increments for specialised applications. The steel type feature a 118° tip, allowing for a more aggressive cut, making them ideally suited to drill steel, cast steel, grey cast iron, annealed cast iron, bronze, brass, plastics and aluminium. Pferd's Inox drill bits (135° point angle) offer optimum performance when drilling alloyed and high-strength steels like stainless steel.

Both variants are ideal for manual and automated processes, including use in power drills, column drills and robots. The Inox and steel drill bits are available as individually sized units as well as 6, 10, 19 and 25-piece sets.

HSS step drillsThe Pferd range of high-performance step drills offers users burr-free drilling of sheet metal, pipes and profiles. Materials up to 4mm thick can be drilled and deburred in a single step. To ensure reliable torque transmission, all step drills feature a three-surface shaft. The step drills’ high-quality tips improve efficiency due to their effortless centring and drilling. The step drills can be used with handheld power drills as well as column drills and their taper ensures smooth operation.

Pferd has a range of industrial quality steel and Inox spiral drill bits, available in 1mm to 13mm

Pferd step drills are suitable for a range of materials including steel, cast steel, stainless steel, as well as non-ferrous metals.

Countersinks: HSS conical countersinks and HSS flat countersinkPferd's range of HSS countersinks is the ideal solution to chamfer, deburr or countersink holes on a wide range of materials.

Known for their very high stock removal rate and optimum chip removal, the countersinks are highly suited for working steel and non-ferrous metals but are particularly suitable for tough and hard materials such as alloyed and high-strength steel, including stainless steel alloys.

The countersinks are characterised by their precise and sharp cutting edges that produce high-quality, burr-free surfaces. The countersinks have a very long service life due to their optimum Cobalt content that provides good temperature resistance.

The conical shape is suitable for chamfering and countersinking holes while flat countersinks are the ideal product for producing flat-bottomed holes in components such as cylinder heads.

Tungsten carbide burrsPferd supplies high-performance tungsten carbide burrs in various industry-required shapes and sizes. The burrs are highly suited to demanding applications as they offer maximum stock removal attributed to their high aggressiveness while reduced vibration and noise levels improve operator safety and comfort.

Pferd supplies high-performance tungsten carbide burrs

The latest addition to the burr range is the tungsten carbide copy burrs, used for levelling surface elevations such as weld seams. The tip of the copy burrs is uncut, serving as a contour guide and protecting the copied workpiece against damage, allowing the elevated area to be milled flush with the surrounding area. Materials that can be worked include steel, cast steel, tool steel as well as hardened and heat-treated steel.

HSS holes sawPferd's hole saws are manufactured from tough, shatterproof and sturdy HSS bimetal and can be used to make holes in steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, plastics and wood.

The hole saw range is a cost-effective solution for making round cut-outs of diameters 14mm up to 210mm. The hole saws’ high concentricity and a precision-centred pilot drill ensure accurately drilled holes while their alternating tooth pitch prevents chattering.

Pferd also supply hole saw arbors for mounting the hole saw and pilot drill. All hole saw arbors are supplied with an ejection spring that prevents the sawn-out material from becoming jammed between the inner walls of the hole saw and the drill bit.

All Pferd milling tools are manufactured to achieve maximum operator safety and comfort, unsurpassed performance and superior process optimisation and cost-efficiency.

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Spiral drills HSS step drills Pferd has a range of industrial quality steel and Inox spiral drill bits, available in 1mm to 13mm Countersinks: HSS conical countersinks and HSS flat countersink Tungsten carbide burrs Pferd supplies high-performance tungsten carbide burrs HSS holes saw