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Milwaukee Introduces Next

Jul 15, 2023Jul 15, 2023

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the next generation of Hole Dozer with carbide teeth hole saws. Featuring a new 3 TPI design, these hole saws are engineered to deliver faster cuts with the durability of a bi-metal saw and life of a carbide hole saw.

The Hole Dozer is designed to provide users with the best durability and longest life in both general purpose and extreme materials. Offering the most versatility, the carbide teeth provide the ability to cut through stainless steel, cast iron, fastener embedded wood, cement board, fiberglass, plaster, asphalt shingle and more with ease. Deep gullets clear material fast and all-access slots provide fastest plug removal, resulting in efficiency and productivity with less downtime between holes. The new slot design allows users increased pilot visibility for accurate placement and faster chip ejection, keeping the cut cool. The new hole saws have a cutting depth of 1.62", allowing clearance to handle cuts in a wide range of materials.

The Hole Dozer will be available in sizes ranging from 3/4’’ to 6’’ and will be sold individually and in 9- and 12-piece kits. In addition to the new hole saws, a Hole Dozer with carbide teeth cobalt pilot bit and a small and large Hole Dozer with carbide teeth arbor with cobalt pilot bit will also be available. Designed to give users up to 10x longer life versus standard pilot bits, these bits provide strength and durability on the toughest applications.

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