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High Quality Bimetal Hole Saw

(1) HSS M3 Bi-metal hole Saws (2) HSS M42 with 8% Cobalt Bi-metal Hole saws: Description: 1. M3/M42 High Speed Bi-metal

HSS M3 M42 Bimetal Hole Saw for Cutting Metal

Product Description Brief Introduction M3 and M42 High Speed Bi-metal Edge Welded to Alloy Steel Back for Heavy Duty Cut

High Quality Triangular Handle Tungsten Carbide Tct Alloy Hole Saw Diameter 28mm for Metal Stainless Steel Wood Drilling

Overview Product Description High quality Triangular handle Tungsten Carbide TCT Alloy Hole saw diameter 28mm for metal

Hex Shank Quick Change Adapter Bi-Metal Hole Saws Arbor with Split Drill Bits

Overview Zhenjiang Fewell Tools Co., Ltd. established in 1994 years is a leading factory, which specializes in the manuf

7: 24 Shank Shell End Mill Arbor Combination Shell End Mill Holder Bt Sk CNC Lathe Machine Tool Holder Milling Cutter Adapter

Made of high quality alloy steel for long, durable service life.Hardened and ground to ensure maximum accuracy.These she

HSS M42 Bi-Metal Hole Saw with 7/16

HSS M42 8% Cobalt bimetal hole saws with high speed teeth electron welded to a high alloy steel body ensuring maxium dur

HSS Bi-Metal Drill Bit Arbor Tools 51mm Hole Saw for Metal Plastic Iron Stainless Steel Cutter

Overview Product DescriptionAdvantages: 1. Bi-metal Hole saw The use of high-quality raw materials, a wide range of appl

SDS Pilot for Bimetal Hole Saw 32-230 HSS Center Drill

Overview Properties and benefits:Tool made of bi-metal HSS steel Ideal for routing pipes, ducts. Speed and precision tha

Customized Sandblast Surface Tct Hole Saw Cutter Drill Bit

Our company 1) We're a direct manufacturer and 100% export worldwide (USA, Israel, Jordan, Iran, Thailand, Duabai, South

Adapter Series 22mm R8 Stub Milling Machine Arbor

Adapter series 22mm R8 stub milling machine arbor Product description Product show Related product Main product 1.Machin

HSS Bi-Metal Hole Saw

1. M3/M42 High Speed Bi-metal Edge Welded to Alloy Steel Back for Heavy Duty Cutting; 2. 4/6 variable Tooth; 3. Cutting