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Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide Oscillating Multi

Jun 01, 2023Jun 01, 2023

We’ve been seeing more oscillating multi-tool blades get a carbide upgrade over the past few years. Now, this accessory class is taking the next step forward with Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades.

You may know the Nitrus Carbide name from Milwaukee's top-level reciprocating saw blades. The same concept is coming to OMT blades.

Nitrus Carbide isn't just a blade coating. It runs much deeper, starting with the carbide blend itself, how it attaches to the teeth, the tooth count, the angle of attack, and more. The bottom line is this—Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide Oscillating Multi-Tool Blades are the highest-performing OMT blades Milwaukee offers. Expect longer blade life with improved cutting speeds when you choose them.

Blades with the upgrade feature Milwaukee's Universal Fit Open-Lok design and work with almost any OMT aside from Starlock models. There's an upgrade to the anchor on these blades, reinforcing them to improve strength and control while still enabling fast blade changes.

These blades are designed and Made in the USA using global materials.

Check out our reviews on Milwaukee's M18 Fuel OMT and M12 Fuel OMT.

For metal-cutting applications where a reciprocating saw isn't the right call but it's still a tough cut, Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide Extreme Metal Blades are the way to go. Expect up to twice the blade life compared to other carbide blades when you’re cutting items such as bolts, screws, nails, and threaded rods.

We decided to take things up a notch and see if we could cut through #5 rebar. We did it with no problem and almost no damage to the teeth. That's pretty dang impressive!

You can find Extreme Metal blades at your favorite Milwaukee retailer in 1, 3, and 5-packs.

Also launching with Nitrus Carbide expansion are Extreme Material blades. Like the Extreme Metal blades, the Nitrus Carbide upgrade gives them up to twice the life of other carbide blades. The big difference is that these are made for multi-material cutting instead of being metal-specific. It's your best choice when materials such as screw-embedded wood, nail-embedded wood, plaster, cement board, drywall, and PVC are on your multi-tool's menu for the day.

These are available in 1, 3, and 5-packs.

Pricing is the same no matter which blade you want. Singles are $24.99, 3-packs run $49.99, and 5-packs cost $79.99.

What do you think—will Milwaukee's top OMT blades make their way into your toolbox? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line OMT blades that won't rip through teeth at the first sight of a screw, you have to give Milwaukee Nitrus Carbide Osciallting Multi-Tool Blades a shot. Whether it's nails, screws, threaded rod, or even the odd flush cut against rebar, these accessories will save you time and money.

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