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Nov 27, 2023Nov 27, 2023

No matter how experienced you are in the woodshop, there's always a risk of injury when working with saw blades. Near misses are scary enough, but the thought of a real accident happening is enough to keep any woodworker on their toes. Microjig has quite a few products up its sleeve that promote woodshop safety and today we’re talking about the most recent iteration: the Microjig Grr-ripper2 Go.

While tools like push sticks are better than nothing, Microjig wanted to take safety a step further with the creation of the Grr-ripper system. The GR2-GO is the most recent addition to the lineup, and it boasts the ability to complete cuts from 5/16 inches to 2 inches wide while keeping your hands and arms out of harm's way.

This accessory uses the brand's Green Grr-rip material on the base that provides enough traction to hold on to your material as you work. You can use it with a variety of woodworking power tools, like band saws, routers, and jointers.

Plus, with three directions of force (downward, inward, and forward), it virtually eliminates material kickback on table saws.

To sweeten the pot even more, this tool requires no assembly before use. All you have to do is apply the included Color Code Index sticker to your saw's rip fence scale and it will indicate the correct position to use your Grr-ripper2 Go against the fence.

This accessory retails for $29 and Microjig backs your purchase with a 3-year warranty when you register your product.

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