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I work at Aldi & here's what's hitting the middle aisle TODAY

May 14, 2023May 14, 2023

AN ALDI worker has revealed the top bargains hitting the middle aisle today - including a mega dupe for the viral Dior lip oil and some DIY steals.

Dylan shared a glimpse at just some of the new stock hitting the supermarket's shelves today, including a range of skincare and beauty products, most coming in at under £5.

He also claimed there are DIY and toy events this week, with cut-price tools and paddling pools hitting the shelves.

Dylan said: "What's on specials at Aldi on Thursday the 18th of May?

"So you've got the 2% BHA toner. This exfoliates and refines for £4.99."

In the comments, a skincare fan suggested this could be a dupe for the viral Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant, priced at £34.99.

Dylan continued: "Also got all the tinted moisturisers are now in stock for £4.99.

"Moving over here, we've got the Vitamin Enriched Eye Primer and normal primer. They are £4.99.

"The Vitality CBD gummies and drops, £9.99.

"Moving down here, we've got this CC serum for £4.99, the collagen lip oil for £3.49."

For those lusting after the Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil, costing a whopping £32, beauty pros have recommended this bargain alternative.

He added: "And then moving over here, we've got the concealer in various shades for £3.99."

"There's also a Workzone event on this week, so get down to Aldi and check that out. I'll show you it now.

"We've got the table vice for £9.99.

"Moving over here, we've got the pegboards. They’re £5.99.

"The extra large screwdriver and bit set is £19.99."

For those attempting the paneling trend, the supermarket chain also had reciprocating saw blades on offer for just £6.99.

Dylan continued: "There's also a toy event as well, so let's show you.

"We’ve got these swords in and they are £2.99.

"Champions League footballs, size five footballs, for £9.99... and then all these paddling pools as well."

Fans loved his rundown of the bargains on offer, with the video gaining more than 900 likes and 20,400 views.

Known online as @dylansreviews, the Aldi customer assistant regularly gives his 181,500 followers a heads-up about new products and discounted prices.

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: "Thank you for letting us know."

"Hope u get some sort of top-up on ur wages as ur doing a great job… I know I’ve rushed down to get some bits after seeing one of ur vids," commented another.

A third added: "Bha Dupe for Paula's choice."

Someone else put: "My local ALDI never has any of the makeup or skin care … NEVER …. They must don t stock them … really rubbish."