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11 Places to Get Wood Craft Supplies for Your Business

Apr 18, 2023Apr 18, 2023

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Crafting with wood can be an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby, as well as a great business. However, growing your wood crafting business relies on finding the best wood craft supplies for your products.

There are many different shops out there where you can explore supplies with exceptional customer service. We’ll look at some of the best places you can get wood craft supplies for your business.

Wood crafts refer to the process of carving or fashioning items out of wood. There are many traditional methods to craft items out of wood, as well as more modern ways to craft wooden items.

Wood crafts can be made using a variety of ways, such as power and hand tools to achieve various kinds of looks and finishes. Additionally, wood crafts can also be made with decorative tools such as cutouts, letters, and other shapes to create different types of products.

Wood is an incredibly versatile material that can be fashioned into many different types of items for home decor, design, and functional items such as furniture. You can start a business selling wood crafts, as wood items are always in high demand due to their durability, quality, and the unique look that different types of wood can have.

Picking the best wood to use for crafts will largely depend on the item you’re trying to make. For example, wood like oak, birch, maple, or cherry can be great for furniture items and toys. Other types of wood, such as basswood, are more beginner-friendly and easier to start with if you have not made wood crafts before.

There are a few different types of supplies you will need for a wood crafting business, such as:

There are many options available if you’re looking to buy wooden craft supplies for your business. You can find wood craft supplies on general marketplace websites such as Amazon and Etsy and specialist websites where you can navigate across different categories for wood craft supplies.

To help you find the best wood craft supplies used by wood artists and professionals, here are some of the top websites where you can search and purchase wood supplies.

Amazon is a great site if you’re seeking to buy a wide range of woodcraft supplies and business supplies. You can find many products to extend the life of your products, create high-quality wood crafts, and even more niche supplies such as shapes, letters, and other craft supplies for your wood crafting needs.

Etsy is another marketplace that could be a valuable option for wood craft supplies. The Etsy marketplace has a wide seller base, which means there are many types of wood craft supplies available. You can find many types of wood craft supplies on Etsy, including a variety of functional wood craft tools, such as planks and slabs in different types of wood. The Etsy marketplace also includes more decorative supplies for dedicated crafters. You can also find shapes, letters, finishings, and other types of supplies on Etsy. is one of the top options if you are looking to shop for wood craft supplies. includes a power tools category, hand tools category, finishing category, and other types of supplies to make it a one-stop solution. You can also create an account on the website to have your order and payment information in one place on Woodcraft to make it easier to consistently order supplies for your woodworking business from

American Woodcrafters Supply Company is a dedicated site for wood artisans and woodworkers. The American Woodcrafters Supply Company is a specialist website for woodworking supplies, with a wide range of options available. The American Woodcrafters Supply Company offers low prices on much-needed supplies for wood crafting for dedicated small manufacturers, hobbyists, and crafters. There are many craft categories available for a variety of different types of wood projects.

Woodcrafter is another specialist website for wood craft supplies but with more of a focus on cutouts, letters, shapes, and other decorative types of supplies. Woodcrafter does not have products such as hand tools or power tools, but they do have a lot of supplies that can elevate wood products and help you create unique wood products for your business.

Woodcrafter also includes hardware, parts, and ornaments that can be used for wood crafting such as wooden bowls, pegs, knobs, beads, eggs, and other shapes.

Bear Woods Supplies is more of a general wood craft supply store, with a wide range of choices for professional wood crafters looking to take their products to the next level. Bear Wood Supplies’ product categories include wood craft supplies, wooden shapes, and woodworking parts. Bear Woods Supplies also sell adhesives, coatings, sanding as well as hardware options for woodworking projects.

Another woodcraft supply marketplace to consider is Rockler if you are seeking high-quality woodcraft supplies. Rockler offers a wide range of woodworking supplies, including raw materials, hardware, power tools, and hand tools.

For woodworking businesses seeking a consistent supplier with great products, Rockler could be the right fit. Additionally, Rockler also has product categories such as items for woodworking workshops, plans and templates for different types of wooden designs, and more.

The Woodturners Catalog includes a vast array of items that are perfect for professional woodworkers. At the Woodturners Catalog, you can find project kits, power tools, hand tools, finishings, and other key products to create wooden items. Woodturners Catalog also includes other items needed for woodworking, such as turning blanks, workshop supplies, hardware, and finishings for wood products.

Oaktree Supply is another woodcraft supply website with a vast inventory of items for professional woodworkers. Oaktree Supply includes necessary items such as hand tools and power tools for woodworking, as well as more challenging to find tools and supplies for wood craft projects. Additionally, Oaktree Supply has other types of supplies for woodworking, such as hardware, accessories, and finishings, making it a one-stop solution for wood crafting.

Another woodworking supply company to consider for woodcraft supplies is Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company. Their website has all the woodcraft supplies needed for professional woodworkers, such as power tools, hand tools, machinery, abrasive and sanding products, woodworking plans, and much more. Peachtree Woodworking Supply Company is another one-stop solution for woodcraft supplies since it has both basic and advanced tools available for woodworking.

If you are seeking a specialist woodworking shop to purchase wood craft supplies, Woodworker's Supply should be a consideration. Woodworker's Supply includes machinery, hardware, and power tools needed for woodworking. The website also sells other wood craft supplies such as adhesives, abrasives, fasteners, finishers, and different types of supplies. Additionally, Woodworker's Supply also sells niche products, such as hardware needed to create wood products, such as furniture.

Woodpecker Crafts includes raw materials for woodworking, as well as hardware and other supplies for wood crafting. Woodpecker Crafts sells raw materials such as plywood and cutouts. This includes different types of woods, including Baltic birch, wood cutouts, wood dowels, furniture hardware, wood craft sticks and parts, wooden boxes, and trays, as well as other materials perfect for professional woodworkers and hobbyists.

There are many types of woodworking projects that sell well. The best woodworking project to sell includes wooden signs, bookshelves, and photo frames, as they do not require a lot of raw materials to get started and are easy to make.

Woodworking has become an increasingly popular trend, and wooden products are likely to be in high demand over 2023, specially handcrafted, small-batch artisanal items. Woodworking trends in 2023 include decorative box options for home decor, multifunctional furniture, and distressed and weathered wooden products for those seeking a vintage or antique look.

A woodworking business can be profitable if the right supplies are purchased, and you can create products that customers are looking for. Additionally, a profitable woodworking business should focus on crafting high-quality, durable wood products in order to find success with customers.

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