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Play Your Nintendo 64 On Modern Displays With The Super 64 HDMI Adaptor

Aug 06, 2023Aug 06, 2023

Just plug in and play

Depending on your setup at home, getting your beloved Nintendo 64 to work on a modern display isn't as easy as it once was. Some fancy monitors just aren't expecting you to plug in a 23-year-old machine (we can't relate) but this little adaptor should sort out any issues wonderfully.

The EON Super 64 is a plug-and-play solution which connects the N64 to any modern TV via HDMI. One end fits right into the back of your console, just as your original cables do, and the other end is ready and waiting to accept a standard HDMI cable. It doesn't need any kind of external power source and is said to provide "truly lagless input".

Overcoming modern display woes isn't the only benefit, though. The Super 64 also upscales the console's visual output to 480p - double that of the N64's standard display - and the adaptor features a 'slick mode' which is designed to round out jagged edges for an even sharper image.

Pre-orders for the adaptor are going live today in North America; you can grab one right here for $149.99 (international shipping is available, but the product does not currently support PAL N64 models). It launches on 22nd July.

It's not the cheapest of accessories to splash out on, for sure, but if you love your N64 and its cracking library of games, this could be an ideal solution for playing at home. Make sure to let us know if you're thinking of buying one in the comments below.