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Disston QuickCore Hole Saw Review

May 31, 2023May 31, 2023

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It makes the hole and, as importantly, ejects the disc.

The Takeaway: Our tests prove that the Disston QuickCore hole saw simplifies and speeds the removal of the disc of waste material after the accessory has done its work. The process was once onerous, because the waste disc gets jammed inside the tool. Removing it required a great deal of prying and sometimes somewhat complex disassembly of the saw body from the mandrel that attaches it to the drill. With the QuickCore, you can knock the waste disc out in seconds. It's the best design of hole saw we have seen.

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Disston's QuickCore hole saw is the best design of this common accessory that we have seen; it allows you to quickly drill the hole and just as quickly knock the waste disc out of the saw body. The tool consists of a spring-loaded mandrel on which the saw body and twist drill bit mount. The saw body clicks into place on the mandrel. To remove the saw body, pull back on the quick-change sleeve below it. That same feature also enables you to quickly knock out the waste disc. Release the saw body from the mandrel then ram it backwards against the base to eject the waste disc. Thick discs may not knock out so easily, but that's still not a problem. You can ram the disc out with a stout screwdriver. The open-back design of the saw body, as well as the large diamond-shaped cooling vents in its side, present ample access to remove even the most stubborn waste disc.

The QuickCore is part of Disston's Blu-Mol line of power tool accessories, products that are designed for contractors and industrial users yet are reasonably priced. The 13-piece kit in the link above may seem like a lot of money. But when you consider that you get nine hole saws (3⁄4 inch, 7⁄8 inch, 1 1⁄8 inches, 1 3⁄8 inches, 1.5 inches, 1 3⁄4 inches, 2 inches, 2 1⁄8 inches, and 2.5 inches), two twist drill bits, the mandrel, and a robust carrying case, the price looks a lot more reasonable.

Disston doesn't make a big deal out of it, but we think it's worth pointing out that the cutting edges on the saw body and the drill bits are made from M42, a form of high-speed tool steel that is extremely tough and durable. The metal is so tough that manufacturers use it to make cutting tools for machining difficult metals.

This what enables this kit to cut everything a homeowner is liable to encounter: construction lumber, ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, and plastics. It will also help the saw withstand a nail or hard knots when making holes in wood.

And, really, that's what this category of accessory is all about. It's not so much that people want another tool to own. What they want is a hole. Not only do you get that with the QuickCore, you get a lot of convenience and speed thrown in on the bargain.

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