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Grab Your Friends for Beer and Bonsai Trees at New England Bars

Dec 01, 2023Dec 01, 2023

I'm totally enthralled with this concept of hanging out at a watering hole and trimming baby trees, otherwise known as bonsai trees. I've often thought about buying a kit and doing this at home as a relaxation technique. The hobby is often touted as a stress-free, slow paced, connecting-with-plants way to take deep breaths and release anxiety.

This unique, creative, and interactive way to learn about bonsai trees while hanging out with friends and making new ones at various bars around New England is called Bonsai Bar. These guys who created this business travel to various bars to teach this art.

Bonsai Bar is a night of fun you don't want to miss. Learn the fundamental skills and techniques behind the art of bonsai while enjoying a night out with friends! Our teachers will introduce core concepts and guide your experience as you pot, prune, and design your very own bonsai tree!

Here's the deal, according to the website: once you arrive to the Bonsai Bar, aka the bar holding the event, you get to choose your bonsai tree, called a 'Dwarf Jade', along with a beautifully glazed ceramic pot to take your newfound hobby home in. Bonsai Bar has all the tools you'll need to start this craft and learn more about it over your favorite drink. It's all beginner level, so don't worry if you don't know anything or feel like you kill every plant you own.

These trees are a perfect beginner bonsai species that are so hardy we guarantee you can keep it alive or we’ll replace it. We even offer follow-up video consultations if you have more questions after the class.

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